Are You Considering a Move to Rochester?

Move to rochester ny

If you are considering a move to Rochester NY, there is a lot about the city that you need to know before you decide if moving to Rochester NY is right for you. Learning the facts about the major industries and employers, the popular places to go, and the many seasonal things to do will help you to determine if making a move to Rochester is right for you.

According to 2012 U.S Census Bureau statistics, the population of Rochester was about 210,532 people, which is a decrease of 33 people since the 2010 Census. However, the population of the Rochester metro area increased during that same period by over 2,500 people. Even though manufacturing in Rochester has taken a hit in recent years, its prominence in the areas of health care, technology, and education has been enough to sustain the Rochester’s economy.

Over the last couple of decades, health care, science, and education have played key roles in luring people to the area. As such, many of those folks who have chosen to make Rochester moves have done so for reasons related to the health care, research, or education. This is because the University of Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital is the largest employer in the city, while there are more than a dozen higher learning institution in the city of Rochester and the surrounding area.

Of course, Rochester also offers plenty to its residents in the way of entertainment. Included among popular Rochester entertainment venues are the Geva Theatre, the Eastman Theater, the RBTL, the Little Theater, High Falls, the Memorial Art Gallery, and the Strong Museum of play. Additionally, there are assorted Rochester festivals that take place between May and August on an annual basis.

Rochester is a unique city that offers diverse opportunities to people who don’t mind contending with the wide-ranging Rochester weather. If you can deal with that, you will find plenty of places, events, and activities to keep you busy all year round.

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