What to Expect from Septic Tank Pumping – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

A regular septic tank pumping schedule is essential to ensure the well-being of your sewer system including that drain field. The overburdened tank that has not been cleaned for some time may cause septic to leak into your backyard. The tank can also become clogged and place excessive stress on the leach field which can cause hundreds of dollars in damage.
The video shows how the first task the technician has to perform is locate your toilet using a probe. In order to find your tank, the technician must look over your property. Once the tank is located and the technician has found it, he will break up the lid to attach the pump in order to flush the tank.
In this video, the technician shows you step-by step procedure for connecting the pump to the tank. The tank will become totally empty throughout the process. Technicians conduct an examination of the tank, to be sure the tank is clean once the tank is emptied.
This video has a lot of details about the septic pumping process that could be useful if the tank need to be cleaned. k78uv1ijgg.

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