How a Root Canal Procedure is Performed – Teeth Cavities

issues such as tooth decay, infection damage, or decay can affect a person’s smile. A lot of teeth can be saved due to breakthroughs in the field of dentistry and technological advancements.

Root canal therapy (also called Endodontic Treatment) is one way to protect teeth. The branch of dentistry called endodontics focuses on the restoration and protection of dental pulp which has been damaged or weakened. Dental professionals who are trained in the field of root canal treatment, known as endodontists. To treat you quickly and efficiently, they make use of advanced technologies such as microscopes as well as digital imaging to save the teeth you had originally.

Dentin, the tough tissue behind healthy teeth’s white enamel, is known as the “dentin”. The Pulp is an underlying soft tissue beneath dentin. It is home to the blood vessels and nerves which provide the tooth. The pulp extends from your tooth’s crown to its root. Your Endodontist can take out the pulp in the event that it gets inflamed or infected.

A tooth treated with root canal treatment can last all the time so that you are your smile bright and healthy.

In this clip, we’ll show a step-by-step look at a modern root canal procedure. osee8voqr7.

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