Are Solar Shingles Coming to a Neighborhood Near You? – Technology Radio

and in the shape of solar shingles could easily imagine the expense. The idea of using your roof shingles as solar panels for creating green power is an appealing one. There have been many people wishing for this technology to develop for years. But, is it being introduced to your community any time soon? In this clip it will be revealed.

Tesla is the pioneer company to accept solar roofing. They are known as the pioneers of green energy. In particular, they’ve been famous for their completely electric automobiles. However, is it as successful in roofing? The answer so far is, without a doubt, not. Though they’ve worked with this technique for a long period of time, they’ve misunderstood the process and the cost that come with solar roofing comprised of shingle. In particular, every roof is constructed in a distinct manner. Tesla believed that they could provide roofers a generic quote online. That resulted in estimates that were too far away in the case of many. In addition, the shortage of skilled workers has hindered the development of such technology.


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