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Activities, donations from Alumni Career history, Personal Details.

As opposed to other admissions programs, SLATE offers total customization along with a variety of continually evolving technological capabilities.

Admissions and advisement offices can connect with students, potential pupils, as well as high schools via this website to exchange the information needed for college applications.

SLATE is used by colleges because it consolidates all the programs they employ for admissions and advice into one system.

The software SLATE digitizes and streamlines various processes and forms thus saving schools as well as students money and precious time. Although colleges and higher educational institutions were early adopters of technological advancements, in the times past, they needed to utilize multiple software to track student data.

Because SLATE is an inclusive platform and application that bundles a bunch of services – which used to be purchased separately and not even interlinked, there is no reason to wonder why universities use SLATE.

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