Lower Your Heating Bill on a Budget – Family Budgeting

Are you trying to lower your heating costs? Seasonal furnace maintenance is not enough on its own. There are many more methods you can take to lower your heating bill. In this video you’ll discover various ways to lower your heating bill.

The humidity can make the house warm. Although it may not actually create warmth it will make you feel much warmer. You will then be able to turn your thermostat a little lower. An air humidifier is the most effective solution to boost humidity. In order to reduce your expenses even more consider putting the water kettle to your fireplace.

It is also important to avoid wearing summer clothes in the winter. The weather is cold, after all. When you wear garments designed to be worn in winter, you’ll be considerably warmer. It means that you will be able turn that thermostat down just an inch. This can help you save some money during winter with no extra expense. Check out the video for more ideas that can help lower your heating expenses on a limited budget.


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