Most Unique Bars Around The World – Planning A Trip

Are you looking for cool bars to go? There are plenty of local bars which are hidden gems when you take the time to discover these. Yet, there are some very unusual bars all over the world that may also draw your attention. This video will show you some of the best bars around the globe.

Japan hosts one of the most unique bars. Japan is known for its theme bars and restaurant chains. But this bar takes the cake. The Lockup is a bar that is themed around a jail. It is possible to enjoy drinks and meals in prison cells equipped with tables. The waiters all dress as security guards , making it even more interesting.

Monkey Bar Monkey Bar in Germany is an additional bar that is interesting. It is located up in a hotel. However, it gets its name because it overlooks the exhibits of monkeys at an adjacent animal park. This is why it’s an excellent spot to sit down with refreshing drinks as well as watch your favourite primate species. Be careful not to throw food on the animals as it may cause an immediate exit.


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