Try These Helpful Stress Relief Methods – Biology of Aging

It is difficult to get out of bed every morning. Every day is incredibly long and it’s hard to avoid worrying about the next day. There are a variety of ways you can counter stress in your life, both mentally and physically. Some people prefer to schedule a massage, while others are planning to take a break or have a vacation. What do you do if you require urgent relief from stress? In this video we’ll go over a few helpful ways to help in stress relief while on the job. Let’s get started!

Recognizing that you are feeling overwhelmed is the initial stage in addressing the stress. Learn to see the symptoms that stress is causing, such as getting agitated and restless. Also, you should learn to say the word “stop” when you notice your stress levels rising. It’ll remind you to keep your mind from getting stressed out and not to be overthinking. Take a deep inhale through your nose, and then hold it for several seconds prior to exhaling. Repeat this for several minutes , while relaxing your feet and hands. After you’re feeling more relaxed start speaking softly and move slowly until you begin to return to your usual pace once more.


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