The Vinyl Siding Install Process – Interior Painting Tips

L siding can be used as a wall covering as well as a good alternative to traditional wall paint. Vinyl siding can be costly. According to vinyl siding can cost around $11,200 per home. However, homeowners can cut costs by as much as 50% by understanding the installation of vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can be bought at most home improvement stores. However, how can homeowners put it in place?

In the words of the voiceover in the video, the tools needed for the job include an acarpenter’s saw and hammer, as well as a level and vinyl snips. In order to install the siding homeowners need to purchase siding as well as flat head nails. Nailing corner caps is the primary procedure for homeowners.

The home owners then have to put the start strip in place at the lower end. It will permit homeowners to insert the siding pieces made of vinyl. The final step is to interlock each piece of vinyl siding. To allow the vinyl to expand and contract in the presence of heat, the nails should be left about 3 inches between each piece of vinyl siding.


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