What You Need to Start a Drain Cleaning Business – This Week Magazine

It is essential to have equipment. A big cargo van with your logo printed on it is the primary requirement. In this business, having an ordinary pickup truck will not be sufficient.

The camera for cleaning drains is another high-tech item of equipment. They are crucial for cleaning through drains, and finding clogs and dips in pipes. Make sure you purchase one that records on an SD card so you can show your customers what’s going within their pipes. This is vital.

Next on the to-do list will be the jetter. The jetter uses pressure to cleanse the pipes, clear any obstructions and clean out trees and Sludge.

Additionally, you’ll require a drain cleaning camera. This camera is suitable for toilets, p-traps and smaller drains. This is an inexpensive yet essential device.

Last but certainly not the most important, the toilet auger. You stick it in the toilet, turn itand it grabs whatever it can and cleans the pipe. A hand-held drill can also be used to remove clogs from bathroom and kitchen sinks.

There are a handful of important tools you’ll require in order to begin your own drain cleaning company. 9oviyo7sp1.

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