Cleaning Your AC Condenser – Home Improvement Tips

It is a great way to save time to learn how to keep your AC. The YouTube video “How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser” illustrates the most effective way to do this. Learn more!
Each air conditioner is equipped with an external condenser. To ensure proper operation the system must be aware of how to clean it. Unfortunately, the cooling fins inside the system become plugged with various kinds of dust and other debris. The system can be left to rest for a few years if you reside in an area that is not too dusty.
It’s best to do this every year. The first step is to remove electricity from the condenser. It must be near it, according to American code. It is time to clean. If the power source is not located near by then you may need switch it off via the circuit breakers.
You can view the rest of the clip for complete information on cleaning your ac condenser. 82ee8ekl23.

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