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How to decorate a contemporary living room Modern living rooms. It’s because bohemianism is all about having fun rather than adhering to guidelines. Though the boho living room concept embodies a natural, easy-going style, it doesn’t mean that your space should be filled with. To achieve a distinct look add a splash of color to your home with vibrant or pattern-based textiles. You can also add elaborate designs, wallpaper, indoor plants as well as beautiful draperies for windows. The style approach blends classic and modern elements to make the living space attractive and exciting.
5. Black Accent Pieces

Black accents are some of fashion trends currently, and this can be attributable to the fact the traditional black color is powerful, and dramatic shade which is a popular choice in contemporary and contemporary design. For a striking contrast, pair highlights of black with lighter colors like white. It’s the classic pairing. It is also advisable to pair it with lighter and more earthy color palettes. The space will have an appealing visual appearance by contrasting black and different colors. This will help draw people’s eye to the look of your home. The black accents, such as wall patterns as well as light fixtures be a great fit in spaces with bright lighting. Black can be used to make a bold color statement and add texture to the space. The options include metal, wood or tile.

6. Create Zones

To make your living room uncluttered, make distinct zones for family time to work, wellbeing and even entertainment. Landscape designers employ a similar method. Think about putting in a stylish coffee corner by the side of your main sitting area and a more simple reading spot on the back of your sofa. These places will give you the illusion of having more area, since they’re not part of the living space. Areas divide different sections of the room, and also increase the size of your room.


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