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your estate you want to take into consideration every aspect. Grave markers are an area that often go unnoticed. Even if you’ve already taken care of the cost in estate planning, have you thought about the appearance of your marker? Let us share some thoughts about how you can make headstones and gravestones that are suitable for graves.

Write down all information that you’d like to add in your memorial before you start thinking about design options. One thing you might like to include is the space to include your spouse and any other details they might wish to include.

Here are some things you could put on the grave marker.

Your full name. Any relevant dates. A quote or passage that is meaningful to you. Images or symbols that may be representative of you.

After you’ve decided on what should be put on the gravestone, start thinking about the layout. There are two main types of monuments: upright and low ground markers.

You will also need to select a color. It is possible to pick grey or black, or a more light hue such as white.

Here are a few ideas for things to consider on your grave marker. For more details, check out the related video.


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