Want to Get Rid of Hiccups? Try This Trick – Greg’s Health Journal

There are a variety of triggers that can create a hiccup, such like overeating, or certain foods. Diaphragm muscle muscles can also trigger the sensation.

If you’re interested in knowing the best way to eliminate headaches, this article will aid you to do it. This YouTube video will show you the best way to stop the hiccups.

According to him the cause of hiccups is when an irritant is in close contact with the esophagus, or the airway. The diaphragm is able to contract, this creates the sensation of hiccups.

A way to prevent itching is by holding your breath. If you are able to keep your breath in a steady state long enough to stop diaphragm’s contractions it will be effective. Another method is drinking water from the opposite side of the glass. This sounds like it might be a challenge to achieve. Leaning forward for a drink to the other part of the glass triggers abdominal muscles to relax. He claims this assisted a patient who had intermittently hiccupped for the past entire week! p9oy6c7rd7.

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