Want to Get Rid of Hiccups? Try This Trick – Greg’s Health Journal

Several stimuli can create a hiccup sensation, including excessive eating, certain food items, spasms of the diaphragm muscles or inflammation of the diaphragm.

This article will demonstrate how to stop hiccups. The author of this YouTube video gives several methods to eliminate those.

He states hiccups are created due to irritation caused by an object that touches the esophagus or airway. When the diaphragm begins contract, this causes an uncontrollable hiccuping sensation.

The best way to stop itching is to take a deep breath. This is if you are able to maintain your breath for long enough for it to end the contractions in the diaphragm. Another way is to drink water by drinking it from the opposite side of the drinking glass. It may sound difficult, but it’s possible. Drinking on the other edge of the glass could result in abdominal muscles being contracted so that you can lean toward the forward. The author claims that this assisted a patient who had experienced constant hiccups over the course of a entire week! 5rdhpvp33a.

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