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ay cause structural damage. This is worse than their sounds, which are also alarming. If you don’t have bat control it could also create serious health hazards.

How can you stop this? Below are some bat control suggestions.

1. Walls must be repaired
Bats generally enter homes through gaping and cracks in the walls, doors, windows, or other types of entry points. So, you must inspect your home for gaps as well as holes in the walls, including your roofing.

2. Fill in the gaps
If you spot gaps, entrance and exit points of the bats, use a sealant and netting material to seal these.

3. Use Floodlight
Bats like
quiet, dark places, so floodlights would be a smart idea to shine light on the area.

4. Utilize Mothballs
Mothballs emit a pungent odor that serves as a fantastic bat repellent. The reason for this is that placing them around their nesting area could effectively stop them from breeding and keep insects away.

5. Utilize Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a great spice to manage bats. Even though bats aren’t able to stand the scent of cinnamon they can still benefit from it. zgdwmw22x8.

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