Understanding Tennis Court Repair – Tennis Serve Tips

What happens to a court that’s in need of repairs? The court may require a court to have repairs to be made in the event of cracks or damage. This article will discuss the repair of a tennis court in this piece.

The first step in the process is to find the areas of the court that need to be repaired. Cracks with a large size will require for areas of attention. The repair team will pinpoint cracks, and then gather material to make repairs.

For covering cracks, acrylic patch may be mixed with cement and sand. It must be mixed precisely at the location of the project. Once it is mixed it is poured over the cracks. It will then be is smoothed. The repair team will use tools that allow you to smooth the surface on the court.

The final stage of the procedure, the repair team will add acrylic resurfacer onto the cement mixture after it’s dried. Multiple layers may be required to repair large areas.


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