What Are NEMA 5 15 Outlets? – Business Training Video


And what exactly are they? Which one is your favorite? Follow the article and view this video to find out something more about NEMA 5 15 outlets.

These are commonly used household outlets. These outlets are able to hold up to up to 1,875 watts. They also can be rated with up to 15 amps and 125 voltages. They’re perfect to charge phones, chargers laptops, computers and laptops. It is sometimes confused with the NEMA 6-50 that appears similar to the NEMA 6-50.

Version 650 is bigger and supports twice the voltage. NEMA 515 is able to support 125 volts. The 6 50 is best used for commercial purposes. If you plug the 6 50 into an outlet 515 the plug won’t be able to fit. It’s important to use the correct plugs to your house.

Consult an electrician if you need the 650 for any reason. To learn more about numerous outlets available, view this video. Contact an electrician now about the best way to put in new outlets, or take care of those that are already in use.


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