Engine Cooling Water Systems Explained – Benro Properties

The elements of an engine cooling system, and the functions they serve.

This video will explain what the basic components of the radiator are and thermostat, as well as the jacket water pump, and the overflow tank. Watch as the presenter walks you through the process step-by step of how the cooling system works to maintain the temperature of the engine.

Learn how glycol can prevent the engine from overheating. Watch as the teacher of the video describes what the jacket pump does to circulates water around the engine. When the jacket water warms then the pressure will rise. This is the reason you should have an appropriate radiator cap that will help alleviate this pressure build-up.

The system regulates flow and pressure. The type of system in all types of cars powered by fossil fuels. If you have a concern concerning your cooling system for your engine It is important to understand how it functions. This instructional video is designed for anyone who’s seeking to cool their engine. i7drengs46.

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