How Are Potatoes Usually Stored? – Reference

st fruits and vegetables in every pantry. However, eventually they will begin to sprout and lose their flavour and freshness. Potatoes can stay fresh for several weeks and even months if stored correctly. Depending on the extent of the harvest farmers may contact a potato storage company or properly preserve the potatoes on their own. Which storage techniques are recommended to stop the potatoes from sprouting and losing their freshness?

In the voice of the narrator on the video, the storage process for potatoes begins with harvesting. They should be harvested with a fork, but the harvester should lift them carefully so as to not damage the skin. They can’t keep them for too long if they are damaged by the skin.
Next, you must cure the potatoes. It involves putting the potato in direct sun for around two hours and then shifting them to dark spaces for five days.

The potatoes need to be kept in a dry, cool location. There are various options for farmers to store them, with the easiest being placing them into a hessian sack. Farmers can prolong their life by covering them with dried leavesand hay, or within a container or tray. uhk6a2z5a7.

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