Are You Really Getting Banking Service? – Small Business Tips

Together, these banks hold massive amounts of assets. They have cash and assets worth more than 20 trillion dollars. the top 10 banks are valued at more than 20 trillion dollars.

While the banking world might seem complex today however the intention behind it was to make things and facilitate trading. It became more complex over time due to the proliferation of currencies. Traders had to continuously change currencies, which made it difficult for them to make the money they needed. In addition, counterfeit money and fraud made things even worse. This was the reason for the development of banks.

Today, banks provide a lot of services, from lending money, trading and even cash custody. Banks are taking shorter-term risk in order to earn quick cash, which has taken their function from the equation. The bank industry into a betting process, which is leading to many problems. These days, governments are imposing strict rules for banks to control how they operate.

There are a variety of different business models in the market today that are gaining popularity, including crowdfunding or micro-funding. They are replacing the traditional services provided by banks. lvhdpuqklf.

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