How to Make Cute Butterfly Scrunchies – Coaching Outlet Store

Every kind of DIY sewist or fashion bloggers, as well as DIY sewists have their own scrunchies. This video shows a variant of the bowtie as well as butterfly scrunchies. If you’re a fan of this, check out the entire video tutorial to understand the steps to create one for yourself.

For the purpose of creating the bowtie of the scrunchie of the clip creates an ordinary fabric scrunchie, and attaches a new part of the fabric. The fabric includes a wire embedded in it so that it can be shaped. The crafter bends the bowtie piece into an ideal shape to match her style for , and promises it won’t flap around thanks to the wire embedded inside.

There is also the option of purchasing butterflies from online stores or boutiques with a small selection of fashion styles in your region. You may find other fun scrunchies in stock which means you can begin to collect your own scrunchies.

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