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The septic system needed to be highly sophisticated. This model requires an septic tank with two chambers. It has a primary, secondary, as well as pre-treatment units.

The video below explains the process of the septic. The house is the one responsible for every solid and liquid garbage. Solids go towards the top of the pile, and the rest sinks to its lowest point. This leaves a central area with dirty water. Water then flows into the wall of the baffle, from which it is permitted to enter the second section. It is then filtered by screens. In every twenty-minute period, water flows to the treatment pod. It is the 2nd component of the system.

In the second, there is a place where ammonia could be transformed to nitrogen. The water in the pod falls into it and then collects at its bottom. It’s returned back to the area it came from, where it will be introduced to an anaerobic environment. The nitrogen is pulled from the water in the ground and is released into the atmosphere. m2apc6heja.

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