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Your surrogate can manage your medical care by signing this document. Almost similar to a Special power of attorney, the designated person will be able to manage your health care matters for you if you become physically or mentally incapacitated to. Your healthcare decisions made, and your doctor contacted by the designated person.

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses might be able to determine their treatments however they may not have the energy to deal with it. When this happens, naming a surrogate can be beneficial. That’s why some people choose to authorize their surrogate as their personal representative, even though they’re not incapacitated.

Patients taking several medicines may have difficulty to talk with their doctors. If you’re dealing with an ongoing medical issue or contemplating surgery that requires an extended recovery time, designating a surrogate may be the most effective option.

This video is produced by Roland”Chip” Waller, Waller and Mitchell Attorneys at Law. It will help you understand whether you’re in need of health surrogate lawyers.

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