What Can You Learn From a Real Barbeque Pitmaster – Articles About Food

This video shows pitmasters from barbecue establishments across the south. Learn what inspired them to be pitmasters, how they manage their pits and how to become the ultimate pitmaster.
A pitmaster is not an any easy task. Pitmasters wake up early in order to start their fires and then get dressed for the day. This video from Southern Living will offer an insight into what it takes to be a pitmaster. It will also teach you some ideas and techniques could be used in your cookouts in the backyard. An insider’s look at pitmasters from across the South will assist you understand how these cooks move through their days and what they think is the most crucial elements for creating the ideal meat.
This video will allow you to know the type of wood used for pits and also what they consider the most crucial thing they are doing to make the food crowds gather for. It’s an excellent video and is sure to make you want devour a delicious slab of barbecued ribs cooked by a master pitmaster. omapsdcpxc.

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