Is Moissanite a Good Diamond Alternative? – Everlasting Memories

native? Moissanite is quite easy to distinguish from diamonds for most people and is also more affordable. These are just a few advantages of moissanite as an ideal alternative for diamonds.

A lot of people who own one Moissanite ring and a diamond ring can tell you that the Moissanite has at minimum the same amount of sparkle as diamond. A lot of people say that the Moissanite rings they have seem to shine more than their diamond ring. It’s understandable, Moissanite (265) is more reflective properties as compared to diamonds (242). Moissanite and diamond-like jewelry appears identical, even though they come from distinct gene pools. On first inspection it is possible that jewelers or gemologists will not know the difference from a Moissanite and diamond. Moissanite ranks 9.25 upon the Mohs hardness scale. It is the most durable and resistant to scratches of the diamond alternatives. The color doesn’t matter. you choose, your Moissanite is guaranteed to look exactly similar to it’s predecessor fifty years later. It’s not going to become discolored or lose its shade with time. ofeltx8ovx.

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